Clifton Hotel

The JAGA Group
High Street, Kew


Directitude embarked on a journey to restore the grandeur of the iconic Clifton Hotel, a historic landmark dating back to 1868. Our team, fuelled by experience and dedication, breathed new life into this timeless establishment. From the initial stages of roughing in lights to meticulously laying terrazzo flooring, our commitment to excellence was evident in every detail.v

What We Did

  • Completed demolition work, including removal of tin roof and glass balustrade, and created new window openings.
  • Executed carpentry tasks such as hanging doors, patching pergola roof, and installing new architraves.
  • Managed hydraulics installations for cook line reconfiguration, gas/power connections, and sink/mixer installations.
  • Oversaw mechanical adjustments, relocating air conditioning units and installing a flue for the pizza oven.
  • Manufactured and installed custom joinery elements
  • Reglazed doors facing Studley Park road for improved aesthetics.
  • Installed acoustic ceiling treatment and conducted general patching .
  • Procurement and installation of various floor finishes such as carpet patching, vinyl installation, and polished concrete grinding and sealing.
  • Procured and installed necessary equipment, furniture, fixtures, and fire services