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Do you want to work with us on upcoming projects?

Directitude prides itself on producing quality, highly finished products and projects to our customers.  Whether the job is big or small, fit-out or full construction, we want our customers to receive the best result possible.

As such, we need quality, professional, dedicated and honest contractors and suppliers in a variety of different expertise to help us reach these targets.

We all know the industry can be fast-paced, unexpected and needed yesterday, so we hope our contractors and suppliers will be able to work with us to meet these demands.  In exchange we will offer honesty, integrity and a willingness to work with you to get the job done.

If you are interested in being included on our database to receive tenders, requests for quotes or to maybe come on as a regular contractor or supplier, please complete the attached form to provide us with further information.

Once received we will add you to our database and you will be contacted if suitable projects are presented.  All information will be kept solely for the purpose of our work and will not be distributed in any other way.